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A letter to my tribe -


They say it takes a village right? Well, then this letter is to the tribe. For all those moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents that have a little girl that loves animals that like to “roar!”...These t-shirts are dedicated to you.


We all want to please them, don’t we? So, when my daughter started gravitating towards her clothes with animals and fun prints on them, I went out to seek clothes that had the animals she loved to draw and chatter about - dinosaurs, lions, dragons, turtles. I had the hardest time finding toddler girls clothes that had these animals on them, so I decided to create this space for people to refer back to, knowing they could always find a shirt that could excite a little girl to roar when she puts it on!


For those of you who have entered toddler-dom, you will be able to relate when I say that I am choosing bright colors for the shirts in order to spot them out of a crowd. ;)


I hope these pieces give you as much joy as they have for my little one.


Here’s to the tribe that roars!



{Mom on a Mission}

Lion 1.jpg
Our collections are all made with love by independent designers

Working with talented designers is also a MAJOR pro of this endeavor. The amazing Brittany Kuhl (Instagram @brittanycool) designed the dinosaurs, lions and tigers. Stay tuned for more collaborations!

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